Private / Commercial Licence

Central helicopters covers all helicopter requirements, starting at the PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE (PPL)H, through to the more advanced COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENCE (CPL)H for the Career oriented Pilot.

We specialise in “Bush, Mountain, Long Line training”, at an advanced level. 

  • BFR Competency Check Ride
  • Type Ratings ( H500) 
  • B (Cat) Instructor.
  • Long Line Sling Ratings
  • Mountain and Bush Training

Our flight training is all done in the R44 Raven II. Provides you with that extra power, and opportunity to train in a bigger aircraft, for employment opportunity 


Agriculture Helicopter Pilot Training

Become a proficient agriculture pilot with Central Helicopters. We are part 137 agriculture operations certified by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority with many years of experience in agriculture helicopter operations.

We give you the opportunity to do productive agriculture helicopter flying with instructor who is an active 137 commercial agriculture operator.


Jet Ranger below used for turbine ratings.

Training in Ag170 and Tracmap GPS.